Endo Reality Teeth are manufactured using the very best 3D Printed materials available. Our goals were to have achieved the highest clarity in a replica tooth, most accurate anatomy and to feel as ‘life-like’ as possible.

Every tooth from the permanent dentition is available and can be printed in white, clear, or white crown and clear roots.




Open and closed access is also an available option for every tooth.

Please visit our YouTube channel to view all animations


For successful endodontics, the coronal restoration is a vital part of the outcome. Teaching of “how to restore the endodontically treated tooth,” has mostly been through lecture until now. At Endo Reality we have designed an U6 with a large modp fracture to replicate a heavily filled U6 with a palatal fracture. The U6 can be root canal treated and then fully restored, allowing a full root to crown restoration.


Endo Reality advanced U4 and L6 replicate highly curved and abrupt curvature root formations. This allows a hands on approach for teaching more advanced endodontic techniques, and also testing new file systems!
For MTA practice or bioceramics, we also provide open apex U1’s, ideal for hands on training. The simulated pulp can be root canal treated or easily removed sing ultrasonics, prior to MTA placement.


At Endo Reality we do offer a bespoke service for design and 3D printing. We have worked with post graduate courses, masters programs for research, and endodontic manufacturers to develop and produce new replicas and blocks. If you wish for a variation in anatomy we can design this for you and print your requirements. Please contact us to find out more about the service.

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