“As a teacher in Endo, I’ve been running course for many years and am always looking for quality teeth on which my students and colleagues can practice. After trialling typodonts from various manufacturers over the years, I am delighted that EndoReality finally offer 3D printed teeth that genuinely replicate the natural tooth. To be able to order teeth of any configuration and complexity, accessed or unaccessed, opaque or clear, and now open apices is an exceptional resource.”

Dr Sanjeev Bhanderi, BDS MSc MFGDP(UK)

Specialist in Endodontics

“At Contemporary Endodontics we try and keep dental education entertaining, practical and innovative. Endo Reality has managed to provide us with a great platform and blank canvas to explore new ways to challenge our candidates on our courses and apply everyday situations to the hands on sessions. The teeth are anatomically unique with accessory anatomy, better cutting ‘feel’ both coronally and in the root canal system. All the 3D printed teeth allow for heated techniques to be used with no plastic melting issues. Different levels of anatomy and difficulty allow us to deliver tailored teaching and the possibilities are endless with the help from Endo Reality.

The bespoke service that Endo Reality provided has been the game changer for our courses and sets us apart. Endo Reality has managed to provide us with unique custom blocks to reflect everyday difficult situations faced by the dental practitioner. These blocks are unique in that they offer unique specific situations and are better than any other competitors we have tried over the years in our teaching experience.

We can’t wait to see the next product that Endo Reality creates, as they are constantly evolving, allowing us to improve the teaching we deliver every time.”

Jon & Luca – Contemporary Endodontics

Specialist Endodontists

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